The Nebraska MultiSport Complex is a state of the art new sports facility located in La Vista, Nebraska.

Facility Address: 8101 Eastport Pkwy, La Vista, NE 68128. At the present time, the location brings you to the Comfort Suites. To enter the complex, continue along Eastport Pkwy until you reach the north entrance of the facility. A sign posted parking will act as the correct entrance into the complex. Do not go into any driveways with No Entrance signs, these are construction only driveways.

Parking: Parking is located at the bottom of the drive into the complex. Please abide by the 15-mph speed limit when driving into the complex. No parking is allowed along Eastport Pkwy.

Drop Off and Walkways: if you are dropping your child off at the facility, please drop them off between the coned area in front of the ADA parking. No stopping or dropping off is allowed on the entrance road into the complex. Please remain on all walkways throughout the complex. Access to each field is accessible by the walkways

Concessions and Restrooms: The complex building is open for restroom use and shelter. At this time, there are no food or drink concessions served at the complex and additional restroom facilities are located at the main entrance to the complex building in the trailer.

No Access Areas: The facility currently has orange construction fencing and caution tape on areas where no public access is allowed. Please do not access any fenced or taped off areas.

Seating: there is no bleacher seating or benches at the complex currently. Spectators may bring their own foldaway chair and sit along the sidelines during games. Chairs should be placed at the furthest possible point on the perimeter of the turf (by the concrete curb along the turf). In small sided games (7v7/9v9), coaches and teams shall set up their bench area on the inside of the field between #A and #B. Spectators shall watch from the sideline nearest the concrete curb of the artificial turf

Complex Rules:

  • No Chewing/Bubble Gum
  • No Sunflower Seeds
  • No Pets are allowed inside the facility (service animals only)
  • No Tents
  • No cleats with metal spikes maybe worn on the fields
  • No chairs with a metal on the bottom of the leg
  • No person may enter the area beyond the construction fence for any reason. If a ball goes over the fence, the facility personal on-site will retrieve the ball.

Lastly: There is a zero tolerance for any physical or verbal confrontations by players, coaches, spectators, or anyone person. NMSC enforces the right to ask anyone to leave the premises at their discretion. Supportive and proper language is expected from all whilst at the complex.

Only coaches, players, officials, and authorized personnel are allowed on the playing fields. All parents and spectators must stay on the sidelines of the fields and off the actual playing field.