The mission of the Nebraska MultiSport organization, located near I-80 and Giles Road in La Vista, Nebraska, is to provide people of all ages with high-quality, year-round facilities and sports programming needed to pursue a healthy lifestyle and competitive goals.

The concept started in 2015, and initially focused on building a facility with could host local, regional and national events and now focuses on programming for all children and adults in the community.


Multipurpose Fields

The project includes 12 multipurpose lighted fields with additional amenities for league and tournament play.

Our all-turf fields at the CHI Health MultiSport Complex allow us to host regional and national qualifying events as well as current local tournaments in a variety of field sports. These include soccer, lacrosse, fast-pitch softball, baseball, flag football and rugby.

The breadth of this complex creates opportunities for our youth as well, as they learn and compete in a fun, supportive environment while participating in multiple recreational sports.


Facility Programming

The CHI Health MultiSport Complex is home to local and regional sports teams that need to leave Nebraska to compete due to limited venues in Nebraska.  It also will attract to Nebraska out-of-state teams, leagues and tournaments  representing regional and national organizations.

Pictures of Nebraska MultiSport Complex Phase I Fields